ABOUT Koos van der wat

I am a multi-media Artist from Johannesburg, South Africa.  

I work mostly in Acrylic and Charcoal to produce paintings that range from minimalist abstractions to detailed depictions of cosmic monstrosities, hyperfuturistic cityscapes and surreal landscapes. The works contain themes of utopia & dystopia, technology & futurism, religion & transcendence, eroticism, pop culture and socio-political satire. Much of my work relates conceptually to the futurization of Sub-Saharan Africa and potential brand new cultural trajectories. Through the process of painting, many of the symbols and structures arise that inform the vision of Kossy World.


Kossy World is the conceptual culmination of my aim to introduce an alternate paradigm to this planet, filled with a new set of cultures and attractions. My aesthetic intent is to provide tangible experiences from this other paradigm, whether it is walking amongst Super Excellent Silos, wearing a Neptunist pendant or watching a Uranus Televisie film.  


I have collaborated and exhibited with many Artists and competitions such as Sasol New Signatures. In 2018 I attended a residency at Chateau Orquevaux Residency in France. I also appear in multiple international commercials and designed the logo for the popular US alternate music channel Artzie Music. As a guitarist, I've played and recorded with Havoc Vultures and Black Pimp'n Jesus amongst many other projects.     

Kossyworld JHB 2.jpg