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K O O S   V A N   D E R   W A T   B I O

Howzit [insert your name] ! I am a multi-media Artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. My primary mediums are acrylic paint, charcoal, Maya and the electric guitar. 

My work
generally contains themes of futurism, pop culture and visionary experiences. Through the process of painting, many objects and symbols arise that inform the vision of the Siloverse, a hyperfuturistic civilization from the 11th Millenium AD.


My high artistic goaI is to decipher and depict this vision and to introduce it to the current timeline (early 21st century). The codex and architecture of the Siloverse is mediated through the concept of the Super Excellent City and the Kossy World Metaverse.


If you'd like to arrange an exhibition, collaboration or book a visit to the Kossy World Gallery, feel free to get in contact.

Kind Regards

Kossy City.jpg
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