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Greetings, my name is Koos Van der Wat and I am a multi-media Artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. My main mediums are painting, drawing, photography, digital/video and music.

My overall high artistic function can be classified as 'Exoteric Paleo Futurism', because my primary aesthetic objective is to decipher the mystery of the Siloverse (a hyperfuturistic civilization from the 11th Millenium AD) and to make it understandable to the cont
emporary human inspire future generations to pursue the creation of the Siloverse through Science, Technology and Mysticism.


My paintings are a fusion of Pop Art, Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism wrapped in a Psychedelic-Futurist ethos, which can be described as 'Transdimensional Cartoonism'. 

The works are like snapshots of an everflowing electro-magnetically animated dreamscape that depict scenes from the
Grid of Nature (GON).

The GON is the foundational lexicon of the AnthroSolar Civilization (Siloverse) and is based on the 3 Modes of Nature as enunciated in Ancient Vedic Literature.


These depictions range from the microscopic (depicting atoms, molecules and microscopic organisms) to the macroscopic (landscapes, planets, galaxies etc.) Through the process of painting, many of the symbols and structures arise that inform the vision of Kossy World.

Kossy World PWP.JPG

Kossy World is the conceptual culmination of my aim to introduce an alternate paradigm to this planet, filled with a new set of cultures and the adaptation of a new world map.

Neptune and Uranus represent the two polarities of this paradigm and emanate different cultural manifestations.

Uranus emanates from the Tamasic spectrum and manifests Uranus Televisie, a dark surreal sci-fantasy edutainment corporation, whereas Neptune emanates the Neptshwane Federation, a utopian global interconnected sovereign micronation 
based on a mass industrial hemp/cannabis industry.

NWO World Map.jpg
City 2.jpg
RWD 1.jpg

Ultimately, these celestial energies crystallize in the real world manifestation of AnthroSolar Architecture, a combination of Brutalism/Modernism as found in the Johannesburg CBD, and the ultra-slick, chrome cylinders that typify the Siloverse. 

These chrome cylinders are known as Super Excellent Silos and are used for multiple purposes, from harvesting water from the atmosphere in desert settings, to storing food and other resources.

The development of this AnthroSolar Architecture is another primary objective of my Art.


The other aspect of my Art revolves around music/entertainment and my involvement in multiple projects across the span of genres. 

My main musical style is classic rock/metal, but I also indulge in Pop, Afro-Pop, Electro etc. I have collaborated and exhibited with many Artists and in 2018 I attended the Chateau Orquevaux Residency in France. I've also appeared in multiple international commercials and designed the logo for the popular US alternate music channel, Artzie Music. As a guitarist, I've played and recorded with multiple projects whilst also producing most of the album art and graphics.  


If you are interested to arrange an exhibition, commission, collaboration or residency, feel free to get in contact.  

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