Koos Van der Wat (b. 1985) is an Artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Kossy World is the conceptual culmination of his vision to introduce an alternate paradigm to this planet, filled with a new set of cultures and attractions. Through the process of painting, many of the symbols and structures arise that inform this vision. The paintings serve as windows to an intricate quantum reality that exists outside of human perception. Whether on the macroscopic or microscopic level, they are like snapshots of this ever-flowing electromagnetically animated dreamscape.


He is the grandson of the Artist Hannatjie Van der Wat, who has had an influence on his unashamed use of colour and transcendent futuristic outlook, as well as his interest in extra-terrestrial experiences after she gave him her friend Elizabeth Klarer's book 'Beyond the Light Barrier'. The idea that alien contact can be personal and that strange alternate propulsion systems might be possible, sparked in him the idea that has eventually led to Kossy World being a destination for mass extra-terrestrial visitation with its own corporate hierarchy and systems to navigate a new civilizational leap into the interstellar domain. His aesthetic intent is to provide  tangible experiences from this other world, whether it is walking amongst Super Excellent Silos, wearing a Neptunist pendant or watching a Uranus Televisie blockbuster movie.  

He has exhibited widely in group exhibitions at well-known South African galleries and competitions such as Spier and Sasol New Signatures, and in 2018 he completed a residency at Chateau Orquevaux Residency in France. 

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2008 : Cosmic Materialism at the Picture Workshop, Parkview, Johannesburg
2009 : Sasol New Signatures, Pretoria Art Gallery
2011 : Group Exhibition - "The Whatness of Allhorse", Pretoria 
           Group Exhibition - Jan Celliers Kuns Uitstalling, Johannesburg 
2012 : Group Exhibition - "Friday the 13th Art Music Exhibition, JHB                 Group Exhibition - 'Flights of Fancy', Pretoria 
2013 : Year Zero : King Kong, Johannesburg (April 17)
           Group Exhibition - Liminal Space, Pretoria 
2014 : Group Exhibition - Death Pegasus Listening Party, 

           Kalashnikovv Gallery, JHB
           Geocorporolitica, The Boiler Room, Braamfontein JHB
           The...Ism, Newtown, Johannesburg
           Group Erotic Exhibition, Cape Town
2016 : Group Exhibition - Gallery on 6th, Parkhurst, Johannesburg
2017 : Blue Lies, White Truths - Performance Art, WITS, Johannesburg

2018 : Chateau Orquevaux Art Residency, France
            Ghost Gallery, Seattle USA

            Dunkelder Theater, Johannesburg

            Ten Years of Transcendental Art, Kossy Outdoor Gallery, JHB

2019 : Eglaf Arts Collective, Potchefstroom, South Africa

           Ten Years of Transcendental Art, Parkview, JHB

           Kunst Van de Toring, Parkview, JHB

           Gallery on 6th, Parkhurst, JHB

           Transcendental Art Explored, Parkview, Johannesburg

           In Dialog : Xenophobia, Johannesburg