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Super Excellent City : Johannesburg

Framed, Signed and Numbered Fine Art Prints

SEC JHB (1).jpg

Are you looking to add a unique touch to your home or office decor ? Look no further! The JHB SEC poster from Kossy World is the perfect addition to your space.

AnthroSolar architecture is a unique style of architecture that has emerged in the early 21st Century as a fusion of various influences including Gothic, Art Deco, and modernism, but characterized by the Super Excellent Silo. This style is known for its bright colors and bold geometric forms, creating a distinct aesthetic that is both eye-catching and thought-provoking. 


​Mid-century modern architecture in Johannesburg is characterized by its clean lines, functional design, and an emphasis on simplicity. This style was popular in the city in the mid-20th century and is still visible in many of its buildings today. By incorporating elements of AnthroSolar architecture, the skyline has been given a fresh, new look that sets it apart from the typical modern or contemporary city. The use of bold colors and geometric shapes adds a new level of visual interest to the skyline, while still retaining its functional design principles and heritage.


​Brutalist architecture is another style that is prevalent in Johannesburg. This style is known for its raw, rough, and unpolished appearance, which is achieved through the use of exposed concrete and rough textures. The integration of AnthroSolar architecture into brutalist environments creates a fascinating contrast between the bold, geometric forms and the raw, rough textures. The result is a unique and visually dynamic cityscape that incorporates both styles seamlessly and brings a new level of energy to the city, while still respecting the existing styles.


This integration has helped to revitalize older streets, giving them a fresh and contemporary look that appeals to a new generation of residents and visitors. It showcases the city's forward-thinking approach to design and its commitment to preserving its architectural heritage.


Whether you are an architecture enthusiast, a lover of modern design, or simply looking for a unique piece of art for your home or office, this poster is the perfect choice. It is printed on high-quality paper and available in a range of sizes to fit your space. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this stunning piece of art to your collection. Order now and be the envy of all your friends and colleagues !

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1. Pay R 2650 ($160) into account with reference 'JHB SEC' :

FNB Rosebank Branch Code : 253305
Account Number : 62422891186 

2. Confirm order by sending your contact details & proof of payment


3. You will then be notified when your framed & signed print will be available for pick up at Studio Gesso Framing in Parkview, or personal delivery within Gauteng.

Optimal shipping will be arranged for buyers outside Gauteng.

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