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Kossy World is the comprehensive techno-mystical future vision of Koos Van der Wat.

The locations shown here are fully explorable realms that are also used as sets/backdrops

for the film series AnthroSolaris, which tells the story of how the Siloverse came into being.

Kossy World.png

The 12 Lokas of Kossy World

The word 'Loka' means 'world' or 'realm' in Sanskrit. The 12 Lokas of Kossy World represent the conceptual infrastructure of the Parallel World Paradigm. They each represent different functions and ideals

within different layers of the Codex AnthroSolaris. 

The 3 Arc-Lokas

These 3 locations represent the architectural theory of the AnthroSolar Civilization.

Kossy World City is concentrated into a 1 Km wide circle, whereas Super Excellent City is a 100 Km wide

mega-city and capital city of the PWP. The Kaashuis is the office/creation hub of Kossy World. 

The Codex Lokas

The Codex Lokas are arranged according to their presiding planets which represent the 3 Modes of Nature.

From the Bottom-Up, they are arranged horizontally into Facilities, then Cities and at the top, Space-Faring Cities.  







The AnthroSolar Elements

The AnthroSolar Elements are the 3 defining symbols of the AnthroSolar Civilization :
The Chakra-Sapien is the classification of human beings, the T-Mac represents the Hoop Earth Propulsion System

and the Super Excellent Silo is the signature structural unit.