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Commission a Kossy Painting

Commission your own unique artwork from Kossy World

Me and Heinrich.jpg

1. Describe what you want :

This can be anything from a portrait, landscape, object, anything abstract or an idea that you have. You can let me know which colours you'd like to be more prevalent or you can just give free reign to do whatever. (See examples below for reference)

2. Pick your size or give custom size :

The sizes range from small, medium, medium large to large. You can also provide your own custom size and we can calculate the price accordingly. (See diagram below for size estimates)

3. Choose a Payment Plan :  


The price can either be paid in full, or half upfront and then the rest when the painting is handed over. Other options are also available, such as R 1000 a week until the work is complete. 

4. E-Mail your request and any reference images to


Paintings commission 2023 Sizes.png

R 15000

R 8000

R 12000

R 5000

R 3500

R 1500

These are rough guidelines as to the size/price ratio. You can also specify whether you want the canvas vertical, horizontal, square or round. You can also specify whether you want it on loose, thick or thin framed canvas.


Click on the images to see what was requested.

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