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The K-SE Console

The K-SE Console is a high-end gaming console and collectable technology art piece that evokes the classical age of cartridge-based gaming. It also features a Vinyl LP player. After switching on the console, you are greeted by the AnthroSolar Altar from where you can access the Arc Worlds of the Parallel World Paradigm and other programmes and educational tools such as the Artcade Encyclopedia. Included is the E-Sport 'T-Mac Arena' which is a fast-paced Aerial Combat game based on the Hoop Earth Technology of the AnthroSolar Civilization. 


Access the Parallel World Paradigm through the AnthroSolar Altar.

Explore the IX World Wonders of the Parallel World Paradigm.

Play with up to 128 other players online in the action-packed T-Mac Arena.

Order your own custom colour

Access the Parallel World Paradigm through the K-SE Console

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