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Geo-locate yourself in the Parallel World Paradigm and calibrate with the Disco Giza in Antarctica and the Planets of the Solar System.

Earn Kossy Credits and view your created structures in your physical environment through Augmented Reality. 

Chat with other Chakra-Sapiens in the Parallel World Paradigm through the Kossy Chat function.

The Kossy World PC Interface contains multiple applications, from Creation Suites to Games and an Interactive Encyclopedia.

Create your own world and design your own Super Excellent Skyscrapers and Cities within it.

Publish your world on the Kossy World Portal and let people visit your Super Excellent City in Virtual Reality or in 1st/3rd person. 

Geolitica is the Techno-Mystical Sci-Fi Epic Trilogy that tells the story of how Kossy World and its technology came to be. 

The film is set in Sub-Saharan Africa and other locations in the Solar System. It is made for IMAX screenings for an immersive experience that does justice to the sense of scale explored in the films.  

Visit locations featured in the film such as the IX Kossy World Wonders in the PC Game.

The Kossy Creation Suite

Kossy World offers fun and easy to use tools to create skyscrapers and cities in its signature architectural style known as Duplocosmo. Impress people all around the world with your unique Creations and visit cities created by others.

Purchase property in Super Excellent City Williston, the capital city of Kossy World, and feature your structures in a city populated with structures from all over the world.