Koos started his journey as a rock guitarist with the classic/psychedelic rock band he founded with his friends in Pretoria, called Havoc Vultures. Havoc Vultures produced one album entitled 'Album ov the Aeon', which was secretly launched on 21/12/12, the day of the Mayan prophecy.

During the production of this album, he joined Black Pimp'n Jesus in Johannesburg and recorded multiple albums with them, which can be listened to here. He then did multiple other projects with Evert Snyman such as Gay Thing, Battle Cock, Pink Noise and Dragon Invasion. With these projects he played a variety of styles ranging from banjo, to shred guitar to death metal. 

During this period of juggling Havoc Vultures and Black Pimp'n Jesus, he also recorded multiple whimsical instrumental albums under Mollusc Messiah, which he labels 'Neptronic Rock', a combination of 80's riffing and electronic sounds inspired by Van Halen and Michael Jackson. 

Even though Koos hasn't performed live since leaving these bands, he delved into many side projects including a grimy EDM project called Daphne Cocker and a grindcore project called
Onychocryptosis. Most recently he launched a project called Rugga Rock, which is an Afrikaans heavy metal band based on Rugby. In the meantime he has amassed a gigantic library of demo albums for his hair, nu, thrash and death metal projects which he is eagerly awaiting to release at some point.