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Neptaj Mahalia is a Node City State in the Neptshwane Federation that contains the Neptaj Mahal, holy site of the Neptunists. The landscape is covered in vast futuristic farmlands and dotted with Super Excellent Cities connected by mega-highways. The Real World location is in the Great Karoo in South Africa with the Vanderkloof Dam as the central water body. The Semi-Arid desert is transformed into a green paradise with crystalline Super Excellent Silos peeking over the horizons. 

The Neptaj Mahal is the temple of the Neptunists and can be explored in Virtual Reality. In the first gamified iteration of this world, you play a Neptshwane Highway Patrol Officer. You earn Kossy Credits by chasing down smugglers and other highway transgressors. The landscape is bedecked in Neptunist and Nep Fed iconography. Neptune, the planet, hovers in the sky.

This open world is a showcase of the futuristic African state known as the Neptshwane Federation. It contains the cultural iconography of Neptunism and is the subject matter of the 3rd film in the Geolitica Trilogy.

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