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The Neptaj and Neptune


Neptunism is the planetary chakra-based religion centred at the Neptaj-Mahal. Neptunism regards all human beings as Chakra-Sapiens and thus all peoples of this planet are included within its universal paradigm. With water being the most prevalent substance in the human body and on the surface of the planet, Neptunists are particularly commited to protecting the oceans, supplying  clean water and leading-edge irrigation systems that allow the Nepconomy to terraform deserts and provide opportunities for people in drought-stricken areas.  

a Super Excellent City surrounded by vast hemp fields.


The Neptshwane Federation is the African Mega-State that is built on the principles of Neptunism and extremely business-friendly cannabis regulations, which has created a boom in wealth across the Sub-Saharan territories. The Neptshwane Federation serves as an international cultural economic network (The Nepconomy) which operates across national borders to employ hundreds of millions of people in order to vastly improve living standards across the continent.

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