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Uranusburg is basically Johannesburg possessed by the energy of Uranus. A myriad of alien and demonic entities have entered through the portal of Uranus and are now roaming the streets. The culture of Uranus was instantaneously integrated and the city is now a dwelling place for all kinds of bizarre life forms.

Despite the relentless influx of new and bizarre beings, life remains pleasant and stable within the borders of Uranusburg. Pig witches and baphomets can be seen playing with beach balls and amazing retro-futuristic vehicles buzz down the avenues.

Uranusburg is a city of ridiculous contrasts but it retains a sense of unity and joviality. Its denizens are very inclusive and also open about 'drug use'. A high percentage of its population are high on some kind of intoxicant throughout the day/night, whether that be alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, meth or LSD.


If you would like to be an entertainer in the city of Uranusburg, please contact me with what you would like to offer its denizens.  



The Neptshwane Federation is a network of sovereign node cities in Alkebulan du Sud (South Africa). It is highly concentrated in the Karoo region, where it has spawned multiple pleasant cities and towns connected by high speed trains and a hot air balloon transit system.

Its main exports are cannabis-based products (including steel, oil and building materials) . It manufactures its own vehicles and has its own lunar exploration programme.

If you would like to be a tax-paying citizen or administrative bureaucrat in the Neptshwane Federation, please apply in the Contact form with all your details and what you would like to do :

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