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Super Excellent Cities :

An Alternate Social Philosophy

and the Creation of a Planetary Civilization.

Super excellent cities


As trust in our institutions and elected officials is eroded on a daily basis, the desire for self-sufficiency and self-direction is increased.

With the advent of the internet, it is possible to operate separately from the administered grid, which is mostly decaying due to mismanagement of funds and general incompetence. 

Super Excellent Cities provide a template for remote development and self-sustenance based on wholistic environmental science. 

SEC are built on grids which have pre-planned distribution channels for water, electricity and food. All structures fulfill the collective function of serving the grid automatically.


The grid-based zoning system is based on the Grid of Nature, which is used to allocate activities to their Mode in order to maintain ideal conditions and workflow.

The Super Excellent Silo is the trademark structure of Super Excellent Planet. It represents the importance of maintaining food resources at all times. Agriculture is of prime importance. 

Super Excellent Cities provide a technological, yet Sattvic alternative to the modern urban lifestyle. They range from Macro (100+ km in diameter) to Mini (500m diameter) in scale and are usually built out of sight from pre-existing infrastructure. 

Each SEC is connected to the global SEC Network, which shares environmental data for maximum systemic efficiency and global distribution.



Contact Kossy World if you are interested in getting

involved in Super Excellent Cities, whether in Construction, Architecture, Agriculture or any field that could refine the Super Excellent System.

a Super Excellent City surrounded by vast hemp fields.

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