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The Neptshwane Federation

The Neptshwane Federation is a network of Node Cities that stretches across Sub-Saharan Africa (Alkebulan). The primary industry that drives the Neptshwane Federation is the cultivation and trade of cannabis/hemp, which has earned it the nickname of 'The Cannabis Kingdom'. 

Neptshwane Node Cities are self-sustaining, clean energy cities that produce almost all of their products out of hemp. This includes building materials such as hempcrete and hemp steel, as well as food, oil and everything else that can be manufactured from the plant.

The Capital City of this Federation is known as 'Neptaj Valley' and it is centered over the Vanderkloof Dam in the Karoo, South Africa. This mega-city is 100 km wide and contains hundreds of smaller Node Cities that are nestled between vast fields of outdoor hemp farms. These mini Node Cities are connected by super highways and monorails that transport people and hemp harvests between farms and factories. 

In the Neptshwane game/VR experience, you get to drive a 'Superslugger', which is a giant truck that is used to transport large containers full of hemp harvest between factories, farms, building sites and out towards other Node Cities further into Africa.

The Nep-Fed is an exemplar of a futuristic civilization that has managed to fully harness the potential of the cannabis plant.

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