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The Ubuntu Tower Complex (UTC)

The Ubuntu Tower Complex is a multi-purpose technological centre that is designed to rehabilitate the mine dump next to Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg and rejuvenate the skyline with a symbol of pragmatic scientific progress.

Google Earth Integration

Aerial Views


The 3 Towers of Johannesburg

The Design

The design of the Tower is based on the South African flag and is shaped to resemble a technological space age monument, a monument defined by its practical functions.


These functions include : 

- Mine Dump Rehabilitation

- Environmental Data Capture

- Solar Power Plant

- Navigational Beacon

- Reservoir

- Tourist Attraction

-Educational Centre

The UTC harvests every drop of water and ray of sunshine that hits it and automatically regulates the balance of ingredients to grow crops in its surrounding farm sectors throughout the year.

The entire self-sustaining ecosystem of the UTC is engineered to function like a singular machine - each form having a function to maximize cooperation with the next practical function, from harvesting clean energy from multiple environmental sources to producing crops through advanced agricultural techniques and automation. 



Ubuntu Tower : VR

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