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Zubama Uranus.png

Uranusfontein is a grimy, sleazy modern city ruled by the Uranus Corporation and based on Johannesburg, South Africa. The city is densely populated with aggressive taxis and a strong military presence. The city is bedecked in the corporate iconography of the Uranus Corporation and functions as a jukebox for the music created by the Uranus Empire. 

Uranus HQ is the central hub of the Uranus Corporation from which a vast array of media is generated and distributed through the various channels. The city is covered in billboards from Uranus Superstars and Uranus Radio is where you can listen to the artists.

The first gamified iteration is Willy is the Limit, a stealth-driving game where you sneak through traffic, evade police vans and surveillance cameras as a smuggler for the Neptshwane Federation.

The aesthetic aim of this Open World is to create an immersive city with an 80's/90's feel. The vehicular assets are all cars from this era. The City features in the Geolitica Trilogy.

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