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The Neptshwane Federation

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Welcome to the Nep-Fed

The Neptshwane Federation is a network of sovereign interconnected node cities that spans across the Karoo region in Alkebulan du Sud. The capital city, Vanderkloof, is the home of the majestic Neptaj Mahal, the Mecca of the Neptunists.


33 Million Chakra-Sapiens call the globe-spanning Neptshwane civilization their beloved homeland in this Solar System. Although centered in the Karoo, Neptshwane Satellite Cities exist in places as diverse and distant as Siberia and Arizona. The Nep-Fed's sattvic condition is maintained by the mass philosophical adoption of Neptunism.

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Neptshwane Node Cities come in various sizes and architectural styles.

Each tax-paying citizen is granted a modified Playstation 1 console to access and engage with the Nep-Fed government.

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Neptshwaneans lead active lives in the sunshine, with a passionate culture of sport and innovation.


Neptshwaneans enjoy each serene sunset afforded by the vast Karoo landscape.


Revitalized old towns, new node cities and isolated settlement villages are all residential options.

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Node Nations such as Nepkwagga are micronations connected to the Federation grid.

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Establish a City !

Neptshwaneans uphold a high quality, clean and safe environment, geographically distant from global turmoil. The sun, soil and serene scenery is where they thrive in sattvic harmony.

If you are interested in establishing a Neptshwane Node City, do not hesitate to get in contact :

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The Neptshwane urban landscape is delightfully walkable and perfectly safe at all times. 

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