Knight ov Mights

Kossy PaintingS

Kossy paintings are windows into the hyperdimension that exists outside of human perception - a realm of planets, particles and bizarre entities where forms undulate and emanate from an ever-flowing electromagnetic dreamscape. The scale of depictions may jump from the galactic scale down to the quantum string level and everything in between.

Through the process of painting, many of the symbols and structures arise that inform the vision of Kossy World, such as the K-SE Tower which first appeared in 'Afrika 3000'. The quest to decipher the vision of the Super Excellent Silos and Grid of Nature (GON) originated from the revelation of the first Glyph of Nature in the painting 'Evolvulation'.


The works contain themes of science, technology, transcendence, psychedelic experiences, eroticism, cosmic humour and socio-political satire. Stylistically they range from minimalist abstraction to detailed depictions of giant deities, monsters and surreal landscapes. I work mostly in Acrylic, Spraypaint and Charcoal. 

Grid of Nature
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