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The Nep-Fed : A story of hope

Once a thriving country, South Africa had fallen into disarray. The economy had crumbled, the government was corrupt, and its inhabitants were getting ill from rotten food as a result of the constant and persistent blackouts. Crime was on the rise due to the increasing poverty and inflation.

It finally dawned on a team of investors to fund the concept that an Artist known as Koos Van der Wat had been proposing for more than a decade prior to this collapse. The concept was simply to establish a network of sovereign city-states known collectively as the Neptshwane Federation. These city-states were to operate completely off the national energy grid and also develop their own currency. 

Acquiring suitable land was the first step towards building a Node City (the term used to described the sovereign city-states). They eventually acquired land in all three coastal provinces and proceeded to set up farms and build infrastructure such as harbours and airports for international trade. The three cities were connected via air and sea, which made the Neptshwane economy (aka the Nepconomy) accelerate at a rapid pace. 

One of the pillars of the Neptshwane Federation's vision for a sustainable future was the mass cultivation of hemp/cannabis. The Federation has invested heavily in the development of these crops, recognizing their immense potential as a source of food, fiber, fuel, and medicine. They even manufacture their own vehicles from hemp steel that run on hemp fuel.


Neptshwane Army Propaganda.jpg

Within a couple of years, hundreds of thousands of South Africans moved to these cities, which were crime- and loadshedding-free. People could finally walk the streets at any time without fear of being mugged or attacked. However due to the escalating chaos outside of the cities, the Neptshwane Army had to be created to protect the people and farms from outside forces.


The Neptshwane Federation provides a high-quality lifestyle for people of all income brackets. The pride in their beautiful new cities means that they are never polluted. Despite being highly industrious, the citizens lead a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle. 


Do you want to invest and live in the
Neptshwane Federation ? 

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